As your relationship with your twin flame develops, you will begin to notice the appearance of twin flame numbers like 311.

These numbers appear through synchronicity to guide twin flames along their journey.

When 311 appears, you are being reminded of the need for strong communication and self-expression to maintain a healthy relationship.

You should heed the messages of the universe when they come your way. Here is what to do when you start seeing twin flame number 311.

Numerology Of Twin Flame Number 311

To analyse 311, we need to find its essence by summing the digits.

3 + 1 + 1 = 5.

The essence is 5, which relates to personal freedom and open-mindedness.

There are two 1s, which symbolise twin flames as the core twin flame number, as well as relating to beginnings and self-awareness.

3 also appears, which refers to expression, socialising and creativity.

311: Communication Is Key

All relationships require reliable communication for them to work.

Twin flame relationships are no exception. Quite the opposite in fact, as poor communication between twin flames, can spell doom and heartbreak for everyone involved.

This is because of the incredible connection you share with your twin flame.

With such a strong connection, you have many ways open to you to communicate with them. From talking to telepathy.

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Using them badly will harm a twin flame relationship far more quickly than any other relationship.

311: Express Yourselves

Little things build up in relationships. While twin flames are not usually the type to keep quiet about what’s bothering them, it can still happen – especially around difficult topics like finances and family.

To properly communicate, both twin flames must feel comfortable expressing their real thoughts and feelings on any issue.

The key to this is acceptance. If you both have it in your mind that you accept each other as you are, even as you both agree that you both have flaws to work on, then problems are far less likely to morph into arguments.

311: Build Twin Flame Communication With Creative Pursuits

311 informs you of an excellent way to build the vital communication tools that twin flames should all have.

Sharing a creative pursuit is an excellent solution to the problem of poor communication.

The reason for this is that a shared creative pursuit allows you to set a common goal and work towards it as a team. The goal belongs to neither of you, so you both feel equally invested.

Good relationships have something that is “their thing”.

It also allows you to practice communicating with each other, but with no heavy emotional elements.

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This removes the risk of harm due to misunderstanding.

But crucially, it also allows you to see your problems. If you end up in a heated argument over a rubbish jug you made in a pottery class, then you know that you have some issues that you need to address.

Finding low-stakes ways of airing your problems is an excellent way of taking your twin flame relationship to the next stage of its evolution.

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