You wake up with the strangest feelings running through your mind and body.

You were dreaming and you met a stranger and they said that they were in love with you.

What does it mean?

Who are they?

And why do they love you like that without even knowing you?

In this article, we will explore the meaning of having a dream like this and what it means.

A Stranger Walks Up To You And Confesses That They Are In Love With You

OMG…I was dreaming and a stranger, someone I only just met tells me they are in love with me.. WTH?

A complete stranger is in love with you, you feel it can not be real, it must be some kind of joke, right?

Well maybe not, there can be reasons why you have this kind of dream, usually, it is not about a stranger at all, but about you!

The truth behind dreaming someone is in love with you starts with exploring the reason for dreaming so vividly about it.

Dreaming A Stranger Is In Love With You And What It Means

If you dream that a stranger is in love with you then the first thing to do before trying to figure out what this means, ask yourself these questions?

Did I feel safe when they confessed their feelings for me?

If not, then what was it about this dream that made you feel uncomfortable or unsafe around them?

What kind of personality did they have and was it a facet of your own self that you saw?

What were the interactions like, what happened during dreaming of them being in love with you?

How did it happen and what made you realize that they were in love?

What does dreaming someone is in love with you mean if the answer to these questions is not clear, it may take some time, and thinking about this stranger will help them come back into your dreams and answer these questions.

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Why Does A Dream Like This Happen

What am I missing in my life for a dream like this to be dreaming of a stranger in love with me?

Try to analyze it by looking for signs that might help you understand what the person wants from your unconscious mind.

If you are asking yourself why do I have such dreams, then you need to look at your current life and what you want from it.

Do not try to answer the question on a conscious level, as this will only give you an intellectual response that has little meaning for dreaming of a stranger in love.

The more time you spend thinking about dreaming of a stranger in love with you, the more you will bring the real reason to the forefront of your mind.

Do You Love Yourself

It is important to love yourself first before you love anyone else.

A dream like this can indicate that you don’t really like who you are and need to break free from the bad thoughts about yourself.

It may also mean that you feel incomplete and dreaming of a stranger in love is trying to show you what can complete your life.

If this person is attractive then they might be the new, positive direction that will transform into something good for your future.

What If You Keep Dreaming The Same Dream

If you have this dream over and over, even spread out over a long period of time, it may be trying to show you that you are not being lovable.

You need to look at your behavior and modify how you treat yourself and others.

Repetitive dreams will keep coming and coming until you realize and change what is wrong.

The Stranger Is Actually You

Nearly every single person we see in our dreams is a representation of a single part of who we are.

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If a stranger says they are in love with you then you need to accept yourself and find clues in the dream that will help you unlock the deep parts of your psyche that will allow you to break through the negative opinion you are keeping about yourself.

On A Very Shallow Level

On the most basic shallow level of a dream like this, it means that you wish someone did instantly fall in love with you.

But this is truly shallow with no depth or true meaning to it.

Just a fun dream for the ego.

It’s impossible for anyone to fall in love with you instantly.

If this person was actually interested then they would be asking you out on some kind of date or pursuing an actual relationship with you.

The person dreaming of a stranger in love is dreaming about someone who doesn’t really exist because they wish it were true or have some fantasy going on inside their head.


When you dream that a stranger is in love with you, it could be an indication of your need to find someone who will care for and appreciate your unique qualities.

This may also indicate loneliness or insecurity. Consider what other events have happened recently before interpreting the meaning behind this type of lucid dream.

If you are reading about these types of dreams because they’ve been happening more often than usual, maybe there’s something else going on in your life that needs to be addressed instead of focusing only on the content of the dreams themselves, such as stress, depression, or anxiety.

You need to take stock of your life and how you treat everyone and yourself.

It can’t hurt to consult with a therapist if any other factors come up while working through why these sorts of dreams are reoccurring so frequently.