Along your twin flame journey, you will see twin flame numbers through the mechanism of synchronicity. One of the number messages you might receive is twin flame number 848.

848 is a highly karmic number, stressing the importance of constructively working towards your goals.

So if you have experienced synchronicity with twin flame number 848, you might well be wondering what this means for you.

Numerology Of Twin Flame Number 848

The essence of 848 can be found by summing the digits:

8 + 4 + 8 = 20, 2 + 0 = 2.

So the essence is 2. We also have two 8s and a single 4, which subtly alter the message of the number.

Number 2 relates to relationships and co-operation, 8 refers to the ideas of karmic action and materialism, while 4 embodies security, determination and patience.

848: Teamwork Brings Material Rewards

With 848 embodying the essence of the number 2, we can see that this message relates to how you co-operate with your twin flame.

By working together towards your goals, supporting each other and offering what you can, you can be more than the sum of your parts.

With 8 appearing twice, we know that the concepts of materialism and karma play a significant role.

It is not necessarily a bad thing to want luxury and beautiful things. Having fashionable clothes, good food and a place you can call home is vital for you spiritually and helps with your sense of self-worth.

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But how you go about getting those things is of paramount importance.

848: Greed Makes For Hollow Victories

The principle of karma states that you will receive from the universe only what you put in.

In this context, that means that acting with greed is no way to get ahead. In fact, by acting that way you would be stealing from your future self.

Achieving material comfort by getting a good job or finding some other avenue for success is going to feel empty if you get there at the expense of others.

Twin flames can tend to care so much about their twin getting what they desire that they will enable greedy behaviour.

The role of a twin flame is not to allow their twin to act on their greed, but to help them to overcome that greed.

848: Patience & Determination Win The Day

And that’s where the number 4 comes in, representing determination, patience and dedication.

Sustainable, fulfilling and rewarding progress requires determination and more than a little patience.

It is not easy to be patient when there is an opportunity to get what you want.

Delaying gratification is a skill you need to learn; it is not something built into us from birth.

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But it is difficult to spot this in your own behaviour. At least, more complicated than it is to spot it in your twin flame.

It is, therefore, both of your responsibility to ensure that you are both acting in good karma.

To progress on your twin flame journey, this is the lesson you must take within your heart.

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